Oak Grove Poems

Oak Grove
by Andrea M. Van Dyne

A few hundred million years ago

in Oak Grove

you could hear waves crashing,

large shadows, fins of sharks,

then birds, blue sky, and the ocean.

And of course you could smell

salt water and it was

pretty warm

About 17 million years ago

in Oak Grove

basalt pours out of mile-long volcanoes,

You can smell the burning of the lava

as the basalt puddles into Oak Grove

rock, land, and moss.

and some trees grow

Here in Oak Grove today

the last day of summer

the beginning of fall

the sky is blue

with some white clouds

rough green grass, dirt, oak trees,

birds on the ground

and in the sky

dogs barking

and one big truck turning on

the smell of fresh air

with a little wind blowing

as i’m sitting outside writing

this poem of Oak Grove

Oak Grove
by Kaylee R. Ross

Imagine Oak Grove

a few hundred million years ago,

everything is under water.

Imagine the dorsal fins

of the first sharks

breaking the ocean

surface, and the first birds

fly overhead.

Dinosaurs rule the earth,

yet fall into extinction

before Oak Grove

can give them a home.

Oak Grove (The Future)
by Zakkary Galbraith

It’s a cold afternoon

December 14, 2035

On the blacktop

people scrape snow

and throw it

into the truck behind them

When I reach up

snow falls onto my pale skin

and melts to water

The smell of hot cocoa

flows through my nostrils

as a stranger walks by

It is a white wonderland

when I look

above of the treeline

Delight fills me inside

as I crack a smile.

by Mason Atkins

a group of students


in the early afternoon



and overcast

Mr. Winch

talking in the background

talking to students

I’m wearing my Jordan’s

pushing them into the carpet

some soft feelings

brightness from outside


through the window

Oak Grove
by Ashlin Shaw


Present day

21st century


and fellow classmates

sit outside

lumpy field

under a heating lamp

Semi listening

to Winch,

but mostly chatting

and laughing

to pass the stopped time

Cologne reminds Willow

of the dearly missed

Wanting to go home

Yesenia M. Ochoa

Oak Grove

a few hundred million years ago,

all you could see

would be ocean water

with birds chirping in the distance

the cool ocean water

rushes up against you

with the taste of salt

Oak Grove,

twenty million years ago,

you would see

dinosaur-like creatures

swimming over Oak Grove

with the hippopotamus-like sounds

of the Desmostylus nearby

and only the feeling of water

in Oak Grove

Oak Grove, fifteen thousand years ago,

rests under 400 feet of water,

when the mud settles,

a hundred feet of sentiment

covers Oak Grove.

Oak Grove,

the twentieth century

full of people. Portlanders

use the trolley

to visit amusement parks

along the tracks

Oak Grove is booming

with people.

In 1959, when the trolley stops

going into the area,

Oak Grove

is isolated from Portland

Eventually buildings fill the spaces

between Milwaukie

and Oak Grove.

Oak Grove
by Hailey L. Brummer

Evie could see it, what she believed Oak Grove was like, all that time ago. She could hear animals stomping, the blue ocean around her. She could see twenty million years ago, the water still blue, and as she bent to take a drink she could taste the salt. Then she could see the lava, that ran down the rocky mountain. She could hear the hissing of the lava meeting aqua, of rocks cracking.

That was what Evie saw

in Oak Grove.

Oak Grove 
by Gracee Brooks

Imagine standing

on the bottom of a ocean

sharks and whales

swimming around you

Now imagine lava

exploding volcanoes

making new land

where lava has dried

the ocean is gone

a forest begins to grow


new life

now imagine

it getting cold

freezing over everything

continuous floods


after this ice age

the natives have come

later, the natives

begin to face sicknesses

dead bodies


coughing sounds all over

barely any life

100 years or so later

imagine construction



people all over


we have evolved

cell phones





all in the same place:

Oak Grove


by Cheyenne Pence (New Urban High School)

Sitting on a field

of warm,

dry grass.

The sun bright

and warm.

The sky blue

with only a few

thin clouds.

Cars driving by.

Birds singing.

Dogs barking

in the distance.

New Urban behind me

small buildings in front of me.

In that little field.

image (3)

photo by Noah Moody (New Urban High School)


by Izyck N. Udo 

What I would see

in Oak Grove

a few

hundred million years ago

is what I would hear

the animals


the blue ocean everywhere

Then what I would see

twenty million years ago

is still the blue water

and I would still hear

the echoes

of animals

and if I tasted the water

it would have

a taste of salt

Then I would

see and hear

seventeen million years ago

the black lava

turning into rock

and when the basalt

hit the water

you would

see and hear

the sound

of steam

and breaking rocks

O.G. by Chloe Lambert

Oak Grove a few hundred

million years ago,

was filled with ocean and salty air

a tropical climate with golden sand.

Oak Grove twenty million years ago

was filled with little grey whales

warm salty blue water

with hot-pink birds cheeping.

Oak Grove fifteen thousand years ago,

was snowy white

an icy-cold windy mess

and Indians came here

with fur black-bear jackets


Oak Grove History by Kacie R.

Long ago

there was just water

then volcanoes exploded

everything was covered

with dried up lava.

trees, bushes,

and more plant life.

Years have gone by

there are animals

running around

and birds singing.

people are living

here in Oak Grove


OAK GROVE: Millions of Years Ago by Paige Antonich

A few hundred million years ago,

waves crash on the shoreline,

You can smell the warm salty

sea air when it blows against your skin.

Twenty million years ago,

baby whales and dolphins

are swimming above Oak Grove.

Dinosaurs rise to power

but fall to extinction

far far away.

Millions of years later,

the ice age arrives.

Sea levels drop and massive glaciers

creep down from Canada.

Oak Grove is cold.


Oak Grove by Abby Borgman

The salty ocean splashes.
Wrinkles form around the coastal range.
Large shadows,
tower over the water.
Still drowning,
Oak Grove is claustrophobic.

Volcanic vents erupt.
Boiling lava covers the cold earth.
Rocky Butte.
The caps swell,
sea level drops.
The ice age has arrived.
Building-sized icebergs are coming.
Oak Grove’s under 400 feet of water.
the flood stops.
Mud covers the earth,
for miles,
and miles away.

In 1907,
a post office opens.
Thomas Jefferson Howell self-published,
Flora of Northwest America.
His whole life,
dedicated to this book.
Detailed drawings,
2,152 species.

The trolley arrives to Oak Grove.
The automobile puts an end to the trolley,
in 1959.
Oak Grove,
isolated from the enormous city.
After years of hard labor,
Oak Grove can fit in.


Oak Grove by Tori Loveland

Oak Grove is old

Oak Grove is new

It holds a great history

that brings us closer to our land

ocean floor

as dinosaurs rise

They fall

a shore

along Idaho

belongs to the Pacific

long, warm days

filled with salty air

basalt is poured

from volcanic fissures

along the shore

ocean becomes land

vents all around us erupt lava

and there are mountains

tropical climates turn Polar

as the ice age arrives

Natives and immigrants

new diseases bring death

they are left with each other

and a grove of trees

a new generation soon calls Oak Grove

and what we now call home


Oak Grove: yesterday and today
by Sydney King

The mornings make the bench freeze, but I don’t mind I sit there any way. I peer out and look at my surroundings. Theres only a few stores around the area, like Mix n’ Match or that one business building.  This time of year the morning make you wish you wore pants but in the afternoon it makes you wish you hadn’t wore that sweater. It was like that millions of years ago too. I mean the warmth of the afternoon. Earlier in time it was like summer all year round. I feel we might experience that same burning weather soon.


Oak Grove Today by Kevin O’Brien

Houses hidden

behind a cluster of trees,

wind blows

across the dry baseball field,

The cool hard wood

under my feet

and the warm sunlight

on my skin.


Modern Oak Grove by Denise

I’m in Oak Grove
in the year 2014
the wind is warm,
the grass dry
black birds
circle around
in the sky.
Sitting on the baseball field
I feel the prickly brown grass
against my legs
the fire-orange sun
peeks its head out
from beneath the cotton-like clouds
to say hello.
the sound of Winch’s voice
floats around the air
and the sound of gravel crunching
underneath worn-out shoes
floods my ears.
pressing my palm to the ground,
I feel the warmth
of the summer earth
and hard blades of grass.
the humidity wraps around me
like a blanket.


O.G. Mobbing: 
by Nichole "Eninem" Mosgar

It’s a sunny afternoon in Oak Grove and I’m on top of a hill with Joe, my foot on top of my skateboard.  I’m waiting to go down the hill, and I hear cars and kids yelling at the park. As I’m about to go down the hill a car comes by so I wait.  I grab my boyfriend’s hand and ride down the hill.  The board vibrates on my feet and when I look down to the ground I can see how fast I’m going. I get to the bottom of the hill and start to slow down and ride off to my house.

100_3213 - Version 2

O.G. Mobbing 
by Joe "G-Dawg" Grigsby

I’m in Oak Grove and the top of a hill with Nichole. It’s Friday, mid afternoon. My skateboard is under my foot on the ground. I hear cars driving by and birds chirping. The sky is bright and blue, and the sun is shining. Nichole is standing next to me on her board. She looks eager to ride down the hill. The sun feels like it’s a spotlight right on the two of us. We grab hands and push off. I can feel the board shaking under my feet. The wind is blowing hard. The ground moves quickly past. We make it to the end of the hill and then head to Nichole’s house.

100_3167 - Version 2


Sunshine and Sturg by Jeremy

Sun’s beating down

sweat dropping off my face.

Just a small breeze

to keep my body a bit cool,

looking down at the river

fishing for big white-belly sturgeon

hearing jets pass above

one by one

constant smell of cigarettes

from edgy fishermen

not catching fish.

Music playing in the background

everyone sitting down

by their fishing poles

waiting to get slammed

by a five-foot sturg.


The Willamette River by Tristan Cromwell

the bright reflection of the sun off the top of the water, and the tall green trees on the other side, with a bright blue background.

I’m with James and Jeremy, sitting near the water waiting for our poles to get a bite.  On a beautiful sunny Sunday mid afternoon.

The water is moving and you can hear the birds chirping and the sound of cars on the road but just faintly.

I feel warm sandy rocks, and it smells like wet pavement and dogwood trees, and old dead fish.

100_3036 - Version 2

Barview Jetty by James

We found a good spot

hidden from the wind in the rocks

and set our gear up.

I use a night crawler

with a sand shrimp

with my own little secret

smelly jelly.

a 4 oz weight

with a 2 ½ foot liter line.  

I cast my pole out

as far as i can

and lean on a rock

I’m with my best friends

telling stories

with the sound of the ocean

relaxing our busy minds

while we wait for the big one.  

100_2789 - Version 2


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